The Curse of Monkey Island comes to Prime Gaming with unexpected valentine 29 Apr, 2022 / 3 comments

I know we report on these Prime Gaming inductions with a certain tone of discharging our duties (humor me on the we/our thing), but this time around there’s a little twist. CMI is indeed going to be one of six games being added to the service on May 1st, but apparently that came to pass because certain folks in the organization were really lobbying for it.

How brightly does the love for CMI burn at Amazon? Well, try on for size the fact that Principal Publishing Producer Amir Satvat put together a ten-minute video thesis arguing that the Plunder Island section of the game is “the greatest hour of video game gameplay ever made.” I mean, this is worth watching before you realize how much it’ll torque off Remi!

Source: Forbes



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    Scott S on 29 Apr, 2022, 14:52…
    Excellent, because I'm replaying all of the MI games now in advance of RtMI later this year.

    I'm surprised how little I remember of MI2, and how much better it looks than MI1 (both in special edition mode).
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 29 Apr, 2022, 13:08…
    Wow. Respect to this person
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    Huz on 29 Apr, 2022, 12:36…
    I heard that Jeff Bezos has modelled himself on King Andre.

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