That Monkey Island 2 Demo Deep-Dive Article, Revisited, Updated 26 Jul, 2023 / 0 comments

Long-time readers may remember all the excitement surrounding the infamous Monkey Island 2-demo hack. Within the source, cut dialogue was found, different scenes were revealed, and music was extracted.

This was all in 2003, and some may have forgotten all that was uncovered. Thus, we decided to not only revisit it, but also update it with newer findings. And, as a bonus, we converted the MIDI music to MP3s. That’s just the service we provide.

Give Monkey Island 2: The Demo Examination a read, and you may or may not learn a little about what never was.

Update! A couple of more factoids have been added. Also, a few more musical cues were provided by Zaarin, albeit in OGG format: Only the best for my precious MT-32 >:


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