That Les Mysteres de Monkey Island book is being translated 26 Sep, 2022 / 3 comments

You are already familiar with sometimes-Mojo-contributor Nicolas Deneschau’s Les mysteres de Monkey Island: à l’abordage des pirates!, a French tome dedicated to Monkey Island. But what if you don’t speak French? Not to worry: Now you, too, can read the book thanks to an upcoming English translation on Kickstarter.

Named The Mysteries of Monkey Island the book has already racked up $7,955 in pledges, and that’s within an hour. In other words, it will be funded. $35-ish will get you the hardback, while $100-ish will toss in a Steve Purcell poster to boot. $12-ish for the ebook version—there are other, less obtainable tiers, too.

In the eternal words of Robin Thicke: you know you want it, so go Kickstart now.



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    LechuckMarley on 27 Sep, 2022, 09:40…
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    Ahoy Fancy Pants on 26 Sep, 2022, 21:55…
    For my money, that poster alone is worth the price. Helps ease the heartache of having missed that limited run MI print Purcell did a couple years ago.
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    Bagge on 26 Sep, 2022, 21:52…
    Any French speaking Mojoers who read the original? Is it good?

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