Termites burrowing through my skull 23 Jun, 2007, 12:02 / 5 comments

What happens when Mojo hosted site owners fly the nest after their sites are destroyed in server crashes? Why, they make adventure games, of course!

Matt, who you may remember as the author of that excellent Monkey Island guide we once hosted, created an adventure game called "What makes you tick?" It has an imaginative art style, and plenty of the old LucasArts style humour ? but the best thing is, it?s free! Go grab it here, and tell Matt what you thought of it on our forums.

The game engine was also designed by another old Mojoer, Greg "I designed the End of the Line" MacWilliam, author of another excellent Mojo site.

In other news, there?s only one week left for the competition ? keep sending those fan entries in, for a chance to win!

If you have already sent me something, and didn?t get a confirmation response, it means that I didn?t receive your e-mail. Post a comment and I?ll fix my face.

P.S. This image is, as they say, "the win."


  • Scummbuddy on 26 Jun, 2007, 16:00…
    Is the "submit news stories" link at the bottom bad or something?

    Video Games Live will now be released on CD/DVD.
  • Gabez on 26 Jun, 2007, 17:22…
    Thanks for alerting me to the submit news story link... it was indeed "bad," but it's fixed now. Whoops!

    Also thanks for the news. I e-mailed them to ask if LucasArts music would be on the CD/DVD.
  • Scummbuddy on 26 Jun, 2007, 18:18…
    *gasp* Is webmonkey... no more?
  • Gabez on 26 Jun, 2007, 18:28…
    Did he/she ever really exist?

    Probably. But the e-mail address can't have worked since the last server crash, and I don't know where it pointed to. Probably to spaff. ??
  • itchythesamurai on 26 Jun, 2007, 12:11…
    I chortled at the Guybrush Jeepwood image.