Telltale Makes Games For Everything 27 Aug, 2013 / 1 comment

Telltale Games is continuing their goal to port the engine that runs all their games, the LUA based Telltale Tool, to every platform as is possible.

The first season of The Walking Dead (including the 400 Days DLC) is now available for PlayStation Vita. It's also coming to Ouya this Winter.

The Walking Dead Season Two, which will be penned by lead writer Nick Breckon, is also coming to Ouya, as well as PlayStation 4.

The Wolf Among Us, Telltale's episodic series based on Bill Willingham's Fables comics, will begin it's season in the Autumn for PC, Mac, XBLA, and PSN. If you were lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out, Telltale will have the first episode, Faith, playable at their booth at PAX Prime this weekend.

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    DrMcCoy on 04 Sep, 2013, 15:18…
    For "everything"? Fuck you, there's no Linux on that list.

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