Technology cheated us out of The Secret of Monkey Island dialogue 10 Aug, 2022 / 2 comments

It seems like everyone and their cousin are doing video retrospectives of the Monkey Island games these days (not Mojo, of course—we don’t know how that kind of witchcraft works). Alanah Pearce has taken it to the next level with writing101: 30 Years of Writing Video Games - Tim Schafer | Video Game Writing 101 where (according to Eurogamer) Tim had this to say:

We were writing on Monkey Island, and we were told ’you guys, we can’t go on six floppies. We have to go on five. We have too much text. Ron was like, “we have to cut 25 percent of the dialogue.” I went and would look at a scene I wrote and I was like “no, I nailed that… that’s perfect.”

I admittedly have not watched the video, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.


And, hey, at least we were able to preserve some of the “lost” dialogue.

Source: Eurogamer



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    Huz on 11 Aug, 2022, 11:53…
    "Less is more, guys!"
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 10 Aug, 2022, 19:05…
    I do think tighter writing is good thing. I love the analogy he gives, and the insight: Only three lines of dialogue before the player gets twitchy! Plenty of games could learn a lot of from that!

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