"Summer of Utility" also happening 22 Jul, 2004, 17:55 / 3 comments

The venerable bgbennyboy and his "Quick & Easy" series of LucasArts game utilities are due for a major update. Fortunately, that's what they'll be getting next week, as Benny launches the first ever "Quick & Easy Week."

Starting this coming Monday, he'll be posting a decent update to every utility in the Q&E suite, and good times will be had by all. Everyone is welcome to attend. Punch will be served.


  • guybrush_guy on 22 Jul, 2004, 21:13…
    that was a great read...sadly, ifhe tried to emial this to LA it would go threw a word filter and trash tbe email if the words sam and max are found anyware
  • guybrush_guy on 23 Jul, 2004, 01:51…
    woops, i posted this comment in the rong paragraph
  • bgbennyboy on 22 Jul, 2004, 19:14…
    Hey, I'm venerable!
    Its like old, only less insulting!