Steve Purcell weighs in on Telltale’s demise 27 Sep, 2018 / 6 comments

Since Telltale ate its gun last Friday, social media has seen a lot of heartfelt reminiscing from the quasi-late studio’s ex-employees and collaborators, among them Jake, Bay Area Sound, and voice actress Melissa Hutchison. Today, via Facebook, Steve Purcell has added his voice to the eulogy with the following statement:

I honestly don’t know what to make of the circumstances surrounding the massive Telltale Games layoffs. I’d just like to offer a sincere thanks to all the creative people who contributed to the smart development, marketing and distribution of the Sam & Max series of games, shorts, store items and the Telltale edition of the comics that were all carefully crafted over several years. I always felt that Sam & Max were in caring hands during their ongoing run at Telltale and I’m proud of the products that went out into the world bearing their name. Thank you.

It’s hard to disagree with his view -- Telltale did right by Sam & Max. And while it would have been nice to have seen more games starring them since 2010 (cripes, has it been that long?), there’s no denying that under Telltale’s stewardship, we got a ton of great Sam & Max content following ten years of nada. That resurgence came not just in the form of the games, but in the Surfin’ the Highway and animated series re-releases, killer schwag and other assorted paraphernalia. Man, remember the old Telltale Store? The one that used to: sell stuff?

Speaking of which: Steve, if you're reading this, any chance of re-issuing that old Desoto T-shirt? My 2006 incarnation and I do not have shirt sizes in common.


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    hierohero on 29 Sep, 2018, 09:52…
    Yeah the old telltale Sam and max days were great
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    glenfx on 28 Sep, 2018, 22:48…
    I loved Telltale at the beginning, I hopped in right with the first episode of Sam & Max and stuck happily with them until Jurassic Park, I think I own quite a lot of the products from the store and received the dvd backups including the Steve Purcell's preorder cover for ToMI.
    I used to be very active in the forums and loved every minute of it (including my argument with one of the programmers who swore it was impossible to make tales of Monkey Island a true point click game due to the camera setups and the "cinematic experience" they made for it... which wasn't true ;) ).
    And I loved Emily, she held the forums alive with the contests and support and Telltale pretty much ended right after she left.
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    Kroms on 28 Sep, 2018, 22:00…
    Hell, there was a point I picked-up a Graham Annabelle book and Andy Hartzell's Fox Bunny Funny from there. The old TTG didn't respect their employees so much as celebrate them. I'm still miffed I didn't get to own a copy of the Sam and Max art-book (I was too poor to afford cross-continental shipping).
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    Melancholick on 28 Sep, 2018, 15:02…
    Hell, the fact that I was able to pick up a new copy of "Surfin' the Highway" for under a hundred bucks is all the reason I need to sincerely thank TT for at least doing that thing right.
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    Nor Treblig on 28 Sep, 2018, 01:34…
    Oh I remember the store. Many many years ago I was looking for a new Sam&Max Flaming Skull Hat because mine had seen better days. Sadly the store was already gone.
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    OzzieMonkey on 28 Sep, 2018, 00:16…
    This made me miss Sam & Max so much. I got on board pretty late, closer to when Tales of Monkey Island was released, but the Telltale community around that time was something special. I cherish that time. My only hope is that someday our favourite dog and rabbity-thing get their time in the sun once again, however that happens. At this point it's more likely than another Monkey Island game, at least here Steve Purcell actually owns the rights.

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