Start preheating the Academy Awards for “Double Fine PsychOdyssey” 10 Feb, 2023 / 2 comments

Do you think there has been a sufficiency of documentary miniseries about Double Fine Productions? Follow up question: How does it feel to be wrong all the time?

2 Player Productions, which probably ought to be considered tenants of the Double Fine offices at this point, are at it again. This time the exalted documentarians bring you a series on the development of Psychonauts 2:

From the initial Fig pitch through a large acquisition by Microsoft and through a global pandemic, Double Fine PsychOdyssey traces our process in intimate detail. This was a huge project that took over five thousand hours of footage filmed over six years including interviews, meetings both in-person and online, and playtests. Then they weaved it into a bizarre basket of thirty-two episodes (22 hours!) for your viewing pleasure.

The first of those THIRTY-TWO episodes (all available now) can be found below, much of it covering the founding of Double Fine and the production of the original Psychonauts, complete with rare home movie footage. It’s pretty unflinching, too, regaling such harrowing tales as the infamous layoff of the original design team and the cancellation by Microsoft.


This is obviously a comprehensive must-see, but you all knew that going in, having previously seen, possibly even on a $5 Blu-ray, that twelve-hour calling card known as Double Fine Adventure.

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    ThunderPeel2001 on 12 Feb, 2023, 18:08…
    Wow $5 for the DFA Blu-ray... Everyone should grab that immediately. It's such a great collection.
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    Kroms on 11 Feb, 2023, 19:57…
    Well, at least I'll have a lot to watch in the eventual decade I've beaten both ReMI and Psychonauts 2 in.

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