Star Wars podracers get collector’s editions, thank Christ 13 Nov, 2019 / 3 comments

The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Limited Run Games is continuing the mission they announced back at E3 to anoint select classics from the LucasArts library with handsome re-releases in beautifully curated collector’s boxes. You might recall that the first batch from their ongoing slate dropped back in June.

As usual, they are taking the responsibility that comes with holding a precious license for the LucasArts catalog seriously, by reserving this benediction for only the most deserving titles. This ability to exercise taste and judgment is critical, because the studio's library is a vast one, and you don’t want to squander the finite resources that plainly go into these packages on anything less than the undisputed gems. On that basis, you’ve probably already guessed that the latest re-releases are Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for N64 (available in regular and premium editions, both containing actual cartridges) and its sequel, Star Wars Racer Revenge for PS4 (the game was originally for PS2).

I speak for everyone when I say it couldn’t have happened to a better pair of games. The people making these calls really seem to know what they’re doing. I mean, God bless them.


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    Scummbuddy on 14 Nov, 2019, 03:54…
    Haha, wrecked. I haven't seen a wreck this bad since Mars Guo or Sebulba. (Definitely looked up those pod racer names...)
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    bgbennyboy on 13 Nov, 2019, 19:15…
    Best written news post of 2019
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    AlfredJ on 13 Nov, 2019, 11:25…
    Wait, Podracer got a sequel? Why didn't I know this? I was nuts about the first game at the time.

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