Star Wars gaming, old school style 17 Mar, 2008, 20:50 / 3 comments has lovingly compiled a 13 minute retrospective movie; part 1 of a series covering the history of Star Wars video games.

This is just the first episode showing the very early years (Atari 2600, original Arcade games), so plenty more to come. The next installment is due in two weeks.

Well worth checking out. How many of those games have you played?


  • The Tingler on 17 Mar, 2008, 22:09…
    I saw the trailer for the series they did, which was really cool. This period of Star Wars history doesn't interest me however. I always hated vector graphics, even when I was that young.
  • jp-30 on 17 Mar, 2008, 22:34…
    The 4 or 5 console games showcased, plus the ROTJ Arcade game aren't vector based though. Only Star Wars & Empire strikes Back Arcade games which take probably less than 5 minutes of the 13 minute clip.

    And did you also hate the whole X-wing series? :(
  • The Tingler on 17 Mar, 2008, 23:30…
    I didn't hate the X-Wing/Tie Fighter series, I just couldn't get on with it. Not my type of game unfortunately.