Some info on DeathSpank (with updates, reader genius) 04 Feb, 2009, 18:09 / 10 comments

Here's some small snippets of info on DeathSpank you might have missed:

- DeathSpank is not a superhero. He's a hero...sort of. He thinks he is, anyways.
- There's both PC and console versions, but the important thing to point-out is what Ron said: "We're going to great lengths to build two completely different interface, one for PC players and one for console players. None of this crappy porting crap. With DeathSpank, it's top shelf all the way."
- There is going to be a Mac version at some point.
- As of last year, the first episode, Orphans of Justice, was slated for a 2009 release.
- Telefilm Canada is, at least, partially funding the game.
- This is one of the taglines the game carries: "The evil of devils cannot compare to the evil of men because men are jerks." - Some Jerk.
- If you look carefully beneath the aforementioned quote on the official site, you'll see a bunch of seemingly meaningless words. Although they look random, it seems that they all have the same length, all open with "AC" and end with "CA", and all are mirrors of each other halfway through, like this: "ACMOJOMCA".

This is also speculation on my part, but do you remember the very first DeathSpank image on the official site? Right click on that image and try to save it, and notice that it's called "DS-s1-e1", probably meaning that Deathspank will come in seasons. Of course this is not a solid fact, just, again, pure speculation on my part.

Update: Oh my. Neon_git, you truly are a genius. A handsome genius! You reek of handsomness and expensive cologne! Check out the comments for the solution to the riddle thing, it's pretty cool.

Runes eh? I wonder what that could mean...


  • neon_git on 04 Feb, 2009, 12:26…
    The palindromes are actually URLs. If you look, it's not acdomimodca (for example) it's

    Full list is:

    They all point to which doesn't seem to exist yet.
  • jp-30 on 04 Feb, 2009, 18:54…
    They all point to individual runes now.
  • Jaap on 04 Feb, 2009, 13:42…
    cool, is there already a fan page for DeatSpank? They should document all these runes.
  • tenochtitlan on 04 Feb, 2009, 20:32…
    Yep, there's a German fanpage ( which I run, sadly the only one I know. We will cover them soon and maybe we should mail Ron with this stuff...
  • neon_git on 04 Feb, 2009, 21:06…
    Sweet fan site dude :)
  • tenochtitlan on 04 Feb, 2009, 22:03…

    As you demanded:
  • neon_git on 04 Feb, 2009, 23:33…
    Nicely done.

    Until you pointed it out, I thought the tree was a piece of broccoli. I am an idiot.
  • Diduz on 03 Feb, 2009, 21:25…
    That kind of enigma reminds me of Kierdorf's delirium. I'll pass.
    And... Ron?
    Hurry up. :-P
  • Kroms on 03 Feb, 2009, 21:27…
    You're talking about the words at the bottom?
  • Diduz on 03 Feb, 2009, 21:55…
    Exactly. I'm still shocked after all these years, LOL.