So mindblowing, it needs 2 news posts 03 Sep, 2009, 07:07 / 6 comments

OK, this is part of the 1Up Deathspank week (see a nearby news post), but it utterly deserves its own separate news entry.

A year and a half or so back, 1Up assembled a bunch of legendary LucasArts alumni to discuss their memories of their time at LucasArts. It's almost 1/2 an hour of bliss and is what Mixnmojo is built on. And it's finally come to light. Better late than never.

Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman, Bill Tiller, Mike Levine, Larry Ahern, Noah Falstein and Tony Hsieh. In one room. Talking about the old days.

It's staggeringly good, enjoy.
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  • koosjebig on 04 Sep, 2009, 02:21…
    Didn't know Noah Falstein was so chatty :P
  • Udvarnoky on 04 Sep, 2009, 00:19…
    Excellent video, but you get the sense that there was a lot more that was cut out.
  • Capn_Nacho on 04 Sep, 2009, 02:23…
    Yeah, and replaced with cheesily intercut footage from games. Still, a fascinating video. Loved seeing Noah and Larry speak (I've already seen enough of those bastards Ron and Dave talking (jk.))
  • MarioColbert on 03 Sep, 2009, 15:23…
    Why was this video held back? Was it because of a fear of a lawsuit from WalMart? NDA regarding LucasArts StarWars games licensing? Or because of the copious amounts of honesty from developers who appear to be genuine human beings?

    Prolly the lattermost.
  • Icebox on 03 Sep, 2009, 13:53…
    For a second, when I first read that, I could've sworn I read "Tim Schafer", and was staggeringly dissapointed when he wasn't in it. Still Cracking good stuff, though.
  • elTee on 03 Sep, 2009, 14:09…
    Here's to the power of suggestion :(