So You're Sick of Us? 27 Jul, 2002, 15:10 / 2 comments

Looking for some other place to go to leave comments or chat it up until you're blue about LucasArts and friends? You might want to try our recently completed Other LucasArts Communities page, the final part of the Community Tab available at the top of every page.

The Other Communities page has links to discussion forums and the like for many sites both on and off of the Mixnmojo Network. Thanks to Metallus for finally getting this done. Click!


  • Metallus on 28 Jul, 2002, 02:05…
    Yay for the little guy. Or possibly the bigger-than-mojo guy. Holy shit, I'm drunk!!!!

  • Scummbuddy on 27 Jul, 2002, 15:33…
    I like Mixnmojo...