Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition previewed 07 Jun, 2009, 02:48 / 2 comments

Adventuregamers has posted a lovely preview of the Monkey Island remake.
A release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but they’re aiming for this summer, as close as possible to Tales of Monkey Island’s debut on July 7th. Despite my begging and pleading and deft use of “Maniac-Mansion-Special-Edition-Coming-Soon-Says-What?”, LucasArts wouldn’t confirm or deny any future updates of their key adventure franchises. On the other hand, they made it clear they love the old adventures as much as the rest of us, even going so far as to say they went to work for LucasArts because of games like Monkey Island, so if this first new revival proves to be financially and critically successful, they’d be happy to bring back even more.
Off you go, then...

Update: Our own preview is now up!

Source: Adventuregamers



  • The Tingler on 13 Jun, 2009, 09:34…

    But most importantly: what does the new version of the theme tune sound like?!
  • GhostPirateLeChuck on 07 Jun, 2009, 04:44…
    While I am thankful the wait shouldn't be too long...I'm still not sure I can wait THAT long....must playyyyyy