Screw Schafer, STAFF OF KINGS screens are where it's at 13 Feb, 2009, 20:10 / 9 comments

Pfft, the hacks at Double Fine wish they conceive imagery as artistically pleasing as that boasted by Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, some new screenshots of which are available in the form of some scans of a German magazine preview that a fan over at The Raven ( forums) graciously posted.

Actually though, these screenshots don't look nearly as bad to me. That blurry scans of some tiny magazine pictures do the game more justice than any kind of decently close look isn't exactly a good sign, but, we'll see I guess!

Tingler Updates: Scanner tocksic has very kindly translated the whole thing! Wow!

From this, we can gleam a couple of new points of interest:

  • The love interest will be journalist Maggie O'Malley, who apparently accompanies Indy throughout the game.

  • The game will contain new original music compositions. No idea whether it will be a full soundtrack like previous Indy games, or just a few new tunes like The Force Unleashed. We've also no idea who's doing it either.

  • There will be encounters with characters from previous Indy adventures. Yay!

    The article also treats the Fate of Atlantis unlockable as a big, mysterious secret that LucasArts didn't happen to give up last week. It does say that it "won't be too hard to unlock" though. Phew.
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    • Izzy on 16 Feb, 2009, 21:14…
      how can I say this....
      The graphics look like crap but the gamplay looks stellar!
    • Shmargin on 13 Feb, 2009, 03:42…
      I think the game is going to look as good as any other 3rd party Wii game:

      Like a PS2 game.

      The Wii also in my opinion tends to suffer from screen shots never looking as good as when the Wii is in motion on my big ass tv.

      I'm getting the game, as an Indy fan, and a Wii fan, so, we'll see I guess.
    • Udvarnoky on 13 Feb, 2009, 04:22…
      Pretty much where I sit.
    • Capn_Nacho on 13 Feb, 2009, 06:49…
      The graphics really aren't an aesthetic nightmare, they just aren't really very Good (emphasis on that capital G.)

      That said, I still hold out naively semi-sincere hope that the game will be the most fun thing anyone's ever done anywhere, ever.
    • neon_git on 13 Feb, 2009, 12:01…
      I'm not too bothered about the graphics in and of themselves, it's just that it suggests a lack of effort being out into the game.

      If I knew that they'd sacrificed making it look nice for the sake of the gameplay then it wouldn't bother me at all, but I doubt that's the case.

      Still, I do share the naively semi-sincere hopefulness that's going around. Who knows, it might even be worth getting just for the story.
    • neon_git on 12 Feb, 2009, 20:52…
      Did you mean this post?
    • Udvarnoky on 12 Feb, 2009, 20:59…
      I blame DJG.
    • neon_git on 13 Feb, 2009, 11:54…
      Yeah, you should totally fire that guy ;)

      By the way, I wasn't trying to be snarky with my first post even if it does come across a bit that way.
    • Udvarnoky on 13 Feb, 2009, 22:12…
      You didn't.