Say STFU to Ewoks 17 Nov, 2010 / 0 comments

That's right, STFU2 (aka Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2) will have DLC which has Starkiller going to the forest moon of Endor... and killing Ewoks.

It does indeed take place on the forest moon of Endor during the time of Return of the Jedi. However, we like to call this an "infinite storyline", much like the Hoth Bonus Mission from the first Force Unleashed game that gave us an alternate take on that iconic battle from the Empire Strikes Back. As Gamers and fans of the Star Wars universe, the infinite storyline allows us a "what if" moment that scratches an itch by rolling the dice with established Star Wars characters or scenarios. It's a pretty sweet opportunity. And yes, there will be battles with Ewoks!

Now let's see some screenshots of Guybrush killing Ewoks! That's really the only thing I thought of when I saw this...

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