Sandercock GDCs Up Some ReMI 24 Mar, 2023 / 5 comments

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the best Aprils non-fools schtick in recent memory, we’re seeing some more “lessons learned”-type information making its way to the public. Take producer Jenn Sandercock’s recent GDC talk, The Production Secrets of 'Return to Monkey Island', from which you can download the presentation deck. I haven’t read it myself, but couldn’t help but notice this tidbit while skimming through it.

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We wouldn’t have told anyone, for god’s sake. >:

According to one David Fox, Return’s musicians also held a talk called Thirty Years Later: Scoring 'Return to Monkey Island'. We haven’t gotten our grubby hands or eyes on that one yet—if you can help us track it down, we’ll pay in hugs and love. Not a bad little soundtrack, that.

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    Huz on 03 Apr, 2023, 02:39…
    There's a quick writeup of Jenn's talk up at Game Developer! Whoever they are. A cheap knockoff of Mojo's own Adventure Developer, no doubt.
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    custard on 31 Mar, 2023, 04:29…
    I like that Stan shader is its own Slack channel
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    LGH on 28 Mar, 2023, 18:46…
    Oh, I‘d LOVE to see that talk with the three composers!
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 26 Mar, 2023, 23:18…
    That's some nice producing! Seems like they did a lot to make sure nobody got burnt out or lost motivation. They tried to put the staff first. I'm impressed with anyone's brain that can keep all that in place while also working on a game. Would love to see Sandercock's actual presentation to fill in the gaps.
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    Huz on 25 Mar, 2023, 00:40…
    Really nice looking presentation slides, and even reading through the bullet points throws up a lot of interesting tidbits for me as a developer of boring not-games software. How to do the whole asynchronous, distributed thing is something I still haven't worked out. Two disappointments:

    - Ronzo doesn't call himself, well, Ronzo on Slack.
    - No searching niche fan websites "when logged in"? This suggests the clues were out there, guys - you just need to up your surveillance game. Of course, she's probably talking about Just Adventure.

    The whole presentation makes a good advert for Notion, which I hadn't seen before, but I can appreciate that any collaboration software is only as good as the way you use it.

    Hoping we can crack open the GDC video vault and see the whole thing eventually!

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