Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual releases July 8th 24 Jun, 2021 / 1 comment

It is upon us:

Don’t have a headset to play this on and ran out of plasma to sell? Then you may want check out this second, saucier Sam & Max sweepstakes, which you can enter for a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2, a device which has an MSRP of eight trillion dollars (I rounded up) last time I checked.


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    OzzieMonkey on 24 Jun, 2021, 02:45…
    This year has proven how much I'm willing to spend on Lucasarts-related stuff and...well let's just say between getting an Occulus Quest 2 just for this and purchasing the Limited Run set of the Save the World Remaster/Monkey Island Anthology my bank account doesn't like me very much atm. I think I need to book myself into a Mojoholics Anonymous meeting or something.

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