Sam & Max Inconvenience a Funnel Cake 12 Feb, 2010, 00:10 / 5 comments

When I was in elementary school, my friends and I amused each other by creating crude and violent black and white cartoons using an ancient version of Hypercard. When the computer lab got PCs, we transitioned our silly efforts to Microsoft PowerPoint, and even began trying to make games with it when we realized that action buttons could be used to send the user to different slides, thus giving us the ability to design branching paths in our stories. The end result? Incredibly simplistic and linear adventure games.

I got to remembering this crazy hobby from my childhood when it came time for Telltale's 2009 Halloween contest, so over the course of a few days I made a slapdash and highly unambitious Sam & Max PowerPoint game, attempting to recapturing the mindset from those nostalgic days of showing up to school early and squandering my recess, all just to compete with my friends' zany creations. It was fun.

Anyway, since I was already brazenly using the Mojo server to host the file and for some reason was reminded of its existence, here's the .ppt file (7.9MB), which I suspect you may get a kick out of. Have fun! (Assuming it works properly on whatever version of PowerPoint you're on, which it probably doesn't.)


  • Ascovel on 26 Mar, 2010, 12:41…
    Fun and true to S&M. But I missed some lines because the text was changing to quickly.
  • neon_git on 24 Feb, 2010, 17:02…
    I enjoyed this more than really should have. When's the sequel coming out?
  • Udvarnoky on 25 Feb, 2010, 00:46…
    I may or may not be harboring a misguided intent to make deranged PowerPoint cartoons into a regular feature when MojoX comes 'round.
  • Capn_Nacho on 20 Feb, 2010, 23:04…
    I agree, that was great! You write S$M really well. I laughed big time the first time the Soccer Dude used his jetpack. Awesome.
  • Kroms on 16 Feb, 2010, 13:51…
    This is really good! Hah! I laughed quite a few times. Good job.