Sam & Max Extends Christmas Through January 26 Dec, 2022 / 3 comments

Don’t start spending those Christmas cheques yet—Sam & Max Hit the Road is running Limited on January 6th:

$100 will get you... Well, a bunch of stuff. Thrik is looking at getting a good dozen copies as Mojo’s Christmas bonus was a decree making each of us give him a cool hundy. For the rest of you:



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    shuv-oohl on 28 Dec, 2022, 03:19…
    First one of these I’ll be buying.
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    AlfredJ on 27 Dec, 2022, 08:28…
    My wallet hurts from all these rereleases. I love that they're giving it a Telltale-like case file. Feels like Jake is involved in this, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Those bottle caps are the nicest "where did that come from" novelty americana items in there. Great stuff.
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    OzzieMonkey on 27 Dec, 2022, 00:36…
    I'm a little torn about this, because the goodies and everything look great, but I also can't help but take this as some sort of definitive statement from Disney that they aren't thinking of remastering the game any time soon, which makes me a bit sad cause I think it deserves one similar to DOTT. Ah, well.

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