Sam & Max 2 fan art cattle call 05 Feb, 2020 / 10 comments

So here's the deal.  Mojo may or may not be gearing up to publish a massive feature to commemorate the fifteenth sixteenth fifteenth anniversary of the canceled Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

So massive, in fact, that we thought it deserved more than one header.  Perhaps, thought I, with unwonted optimism, there could even be a unique piece of art crowning each one of the feature's numerous pages?* That's where you come in.  We are inviting all artists, professional and amateur, to contribute artwork related to Sam & Max 2 for display in the article, which we are arrogantly approaching as the final word on the subject.  We ask that it somehow be related to the cancelled LucasArts sequel specifically.  What that means is for you to intepret.  Go nuts.

If you are interested in making such a contribution and achieving immortality, please email your work to  And tell your artistically inclined friends, because statistically speaking, they are unlikely to be Mojo readers.

Get drawing!

*In the unlikely event that we get more original art than there are pages, we promise that any work we accept will be given a place of prominence somewhere in the article.



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    AlfredJ on 13 Feb, 2020, 18:43…
    Btw, here's a thing that's probably not newsworthy:

    If Disney is opening up(?), and I'm guessing it isn't the kind of franchise they had in mind with that statement, but this might increase the chances of someone trying to get another Monkey Island going? Double Fine has access to that Microsoft money now, so who knows.
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    NJCoolneck on 11 Feb, 2020, 14:52…
    Thats so cool! I will start drawing asap.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 09 Feb, 2020, 09:58…
    Useful stuff! Thanks AlfredJ!
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    AlfredJ on 08 Feb, 2020, 17:19…
    Any chance you guys interviewed Steve Purcell for this? He's still posting the occasional new piece of art on his Facebook page and has mentioned (for years now, so I don't think he's in a hurry) that he still wants to get a new Sam & Max project off the ground at some point (including completing the unfinished "Max Gets Shot By A Monkey" comic). I feel like the newshounds at Mojo might be the only ones capable of getting a real scoop out of the guy.

    Hell, you might be able to convince him to do a bit of anniversary art himself. I know he's still happy enough to draw them for fans at conventions. Of course, my balls are definitely not big enough to make a request that big, but ball-size is what differentiates the Mojo-readers from the Mojo-writers, so that shouldn't be a problem. Also Emily Morganti has been crafting a miniature version of the office on her blog, so that might make for a nice banner picture is she would be up for that. But that's the Telltale version instead of whatever the FP-version would be (although I always suspected that first season took way more from the cancelled game than the Lucas-lawyers would be comfortable with).

    One last thing (God, why do I always go on so much): you just made me look it up, and it's been a full decade since Devil's Playhouse was released. The good news is that the world is now definitely ready for a fresh new take on a Sam & Max game. The bad news is that I'm an old, old man.
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    Jason on 07 Feb, 2020, 15:42…


    When are you going to write the article? And hencebecause do you need the drawings?

    The article has been written for some time now (and was in fact intended to be published for the 15th anniversary, which it may now only make on a technicality) but has been delayed for various boring circumstantial reasons.

    The artwork we are requesting would ideally be delivered to us by the end of February.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 07 Feb, 2020, 15:30…


    When are you going to write the article? And hencebecause do you need the drawings?

    I’m not involved in this, but I should say definitively before the 25th anniversary!

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    DeadKyle on 07 Feb, 2020, 05:46…
    When are you going to write the article? And hencebecause do you need the drawings?
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    Rum_Rogers on 06 Feb, 2020, 21:22…
    I'm so glad you eventually came to terms with the fact that the game is never gonna be released.
    At least I hope you did, my mate!
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    Bad Asp! on 06 Feb, 2020, 02:06…
    It seems I've arrived just in time, my friends. Just in time.

    And trust me, this is something I've been looking forward to.
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    Rum_Rogers on 06 Feb, 2020, 01:42…
    I'm starting to get worried: Bad Asp! still hasn't commented on this?!

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