SWON goes live on Live! 22 Nov, 2003, 21:46 / 2 comments

Anyone out there already in posession of, or looking to buy Secret Weapons Over Normandy should be interested to know that the first downloadable SWON content has been made available via XBox Live, the XBox online network. The downloadable bonuses include two planes (Vought F4U Corsair Fighter and P-40E "Kittyhawk") and a new paintjob skin for one of the existing planes.

It sounds like LucasArts and Totally Games plan on continuing to dump bonus content into this game via Live over the coming months, so that's probably worth checking out. I'd personally love a plane with Max's gaping tooth-filled maw painted on the nose, but you know. More on the new XBox Live content can be found at the official SWON website.


  • Kingzjester on 22 Nov, 2003, 23:23…
    You ought to be louder, boyo. Somebody in the management might hear you and follow through.
  • Jake on 22 Nov, 2003, 23:33…
    Some sort of Max related Secret Weapon made a cameo in Sam & Max's Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe comic in The Adventurer back in the day when SWOTL was the new game coming out.