SW RTS gets Minisite and Looks Pretty Fine 21 Jan, 2005, 15:21 / 3 comments

In typical LucasArts style, their new Star Wars RTS "Empire at War" gets an official press release and mini-site a good few months after the information has been made public via 3rd party sources.

The photo gallery on the mini site shows some rather impressive screen-shots too.

With developers Petroglyph boasting a 23-person team including 19 ex-Westwood employees hopes are high that this game won't have the shortcomings of the previous Star Wars strategy games from LucasArts.

Source: LucasArts



  • Remi O on 21 Jan, 2005, 16:53…
    Looks great.

    Which again means my PC won't be able to run it. :~
  • Gabez on 21 Jan, 2005, 15:56…
    Is this the best looking RTS ever? I think so.
  • monkeyboobs on 22 Jan, 2005, 10:36…
    AoE III and Earth 2160 look both much better...