STFU, Macs! 05 Sep, 2009, 22:20 / 3 comments

Great news for you people that play games on Macs (all three of you!), clone2727, of Mojo comments fame, unearthed an article from PCWorld which announces that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is heading to Macs this fall courtesy of Aspyr Media.

Comments: 3 / Source: PCWorld


  • mrcolinp on 07 Sep, 2009, 15:59…
    Why didn't you use the Mac icon for this story?
  • BillieJoe86 on 05 Sep, 2009, 22:44…
    It was:
  • Giygas on 05 Sep, 2009, 22:37…
    Wasn't this announced when The Force Unleashed was announced for PC?