SMI: SE 50% off! TMI EP1 free! 17 Sep, 2009, 19:12 / 7 comments

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition has a nice 50% price cut this weekend, in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Not sure what kind of cheap bastard you'd have to be to not be able to shell out $10, but I'm pretty sure it's not far from the kind that doesn't offer to pay for his date - if he has any. Because you don't. HA. Loser. Go cry into your Grog XD, you cheapskate.

Update: Get the same from Direct2Drive (thanks Bombadil!).

Update 2: Yeah, so this really is a bargain day for anyone with a penchant for free entertainment. The Launch of the Screaming Narwhal is free, but for one day only.

Telltale, eh? Gotta love those guys. (Thanks, Jake, for the heads-up!)

Update 3: Yeesh. Don't know how this one went under the radar but apparently the iPhone version of SMI has a discount today as well. Thanks, CaliMonk.
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  • CaliMonk on 18 Sep, 2009, 09:29…
    The iPhone version for Monkey Island SE is also available at a discount today.
  • NatsFan on 17 Sep, 2009, 21:24…
    I just happen to be the cheap bastard who wouldn't pay $10 for it! This is great!
  • Jake on 17 Sep, 2009, 20:46…
    Your headline is incomplete! Telltale is putting out Launch of the Screaming Narwhal for free as well. (And temporarily dropping the series price to $29.95.)
  • clone2727 on 17 Sep, 2009, 20:50…
    We love you, Jake!
  • syntheticgerbil on 17 Sep, 2009, 20:36…
    Maybe they should just delete the game from existence instead?!

  • Bombadil on 17 Sep, 2009, 19:47…
    For those of you who don't like Steam, the game is also for 5 $ at direct2drive.
  • Kroms on 17 Sep, 2009, 20:20…
    Oh! It wasn't when I checked. Thanks.