Ronzo rumour 18 Mar, 2007, 00:22 / 2 comments

I was e-mailed this last week, but I forgot to update Mojo about it... until now! A tipster informs us:

We all know that Ron Gilbert was once working with Chris Taylor at Cavedog on the Games Total Annilation and Good & Evil. And we know that Ron Gilbert is designing a adventure/RPG and looking for a publisher. Well this article convinces me that Ron have hitched up with his old buddy Chris Taylor. Solid proof. The words "top-secret" and "very funny" reveal all.

My cynical journalistic side says that this is probably non-Ronzo related, but it?s fun to speculate anyway.


  • numble on 18 Mar, 2007, 04:35…
    I tend to think it's a stretch. Tim Schafer is reportedly working on a funny game, details which are unknown/top-secret (at least until E3). Tim Schafer used to work with Ron Gilbert! This must be the game!
  • baron_calamity on 18 Mar, 2007, 03:22…
    That would be very cool. Hope its true.