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Ronzo reveals everything about the ending of Monkey Island 2; we can probably shut down

01 Oct, 2017, 17:43 | Posted by: Remi | Source: Jake

Jake had not seen this video before, and nor had I — a PAX Australia keynote from Ron Gilbert where he, among a lot of other interesting tidbits, talks about how the ending of MI2 was conceived. Sure, it doesn’t reveal the secret (and so Mojo lives on; I mean if that piece of information ever gets out there, we can probably just pack up), but it gives you insight into how and why these things are written, and why it’s OK to be pissed off about endings.

If you’re a heathen who hated the Twin Peaks season three ending, you should watch this. The big reveal can be found at 35:32, but you should watch the whole thing.

What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Greeny | Posted 11 Oct, 2017, 20:21 | Quote
    Btw, there's a petition for Disney to sell the MI rights to Ron Gilbert:
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    Comment by: ThunderPeel2001 | Posted 02 Oct, 2017, 20:43 | Quote
    This does explain a lot, and especially why he won't reveal anything about the ending, and all that nonsense of "his" version of Monkey Island 3 (which, in light of this, clearly doesn't exist).

    I don't think the ending of TP was anywhere near as interesting as the ending of MI2, though. Nor were the unresolved storylines. Probably because I didn't emotionally connect with any of the characters in any major way (except maybe Delores).

    This is a great keynote speech, though. He's a smart, eloquent thinker, even if I'm not convinced that the best thing ever is to polarise an audience. (And I don't think the ending of MI2 was a piece of art that made the audience question themselves and the world around them, either.)
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    Comment by: Jansenjfa | Posted 02 Oct, 2017, 17:25 | Quote
    His ending for thimbleweed park now totally makes sense to me, unfortunately I’m with the 50% that doesn’t realy like it... Also I was not a big of the ‘metaphores’, aka the cut scrnes that were never resolved.

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