Ronzo, game designer, fitness guru 08 Aug, 2013 / 4 comments

Ronzo is, as we all know, an established game designer. But did you know he also is a fitness guru? Neither did we, but Twitter proves our ignorance.


When people see how much weight I've lost, the first thing they say is: "Are you sick?" Nope, just four months of running twice a day.

Sage advice, Ronzo. Sage advice.


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    Rum Rogers on 12 Aug, 2013, 16:38…
    Didn't notice Behind Mojo was back! W00t!
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    Jason on 09 Aug, 2013, 00:56…
    I enjoy how we've simply purloined the old Idle Thumbs design.
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    Remi on 08 Aug, 2013, 21:31…


    Behind Mojo! Slim Ronzo!

    Just don't get used to these updates. ¬
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    valkian on 08 Aug, 2013, 21:25…
    Behind Mojo! Slim Ronzo!

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