Ron tweets ReMI tidbits, a celebrity enters the chat 06 Jun, 2022 / 2 comments

Ron seems to be having fun zapping out teases for that little adventure game he's knocking together. And why not? For example:

While the true sickos inferred this back in April and so won't be surprised by the confirmation, Hammon's casting is a noteworthy departure from Return to Monkey Island's trend of reprising the voice actors from The Curse of Monkey Island and the Special Editions. Stan's been performed by three voice actors to date: Patrick Pinney was tapped for CMI and later the SEs, while Pat Fraley played Stan in EMI. Gavin Hammon voiced the character in TMI.

While I personally think all of Stan's voice actors have been good, I always found Pinney's delivery a bit lethargic for a character so pushy and animated, while Fraley may have been a slight overcorrection by going full-on Jim Carrey. Hammon felt like a nice balance to me at the time, so I'm happy to see him continue the part.

But that's just like, my opinion, man. So let's stick to facts. Statistics. Hard data. Like:

If Ron's on the level with that figure, it's pretty astounding. For reference, genuine epics like CMI, Grim Fandango and Psychonauts capped out in the upper thousands, while EMI was portrayed as being fairly bananas for hitting 10,000 voiced lines. This isn't a contest or anything, but ReMI is winning. Maybe Ron is juking the numbers by having these guys actually sing 1000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall?

Boy, those pirates must have been happy to get that phone call from their agents. Naturally, all this stuff is being discussed to a fare-thee-well in our world famous ReMI forum thread. And if you really need more reason than that to participate, it may interest you to know that the thread has been graced by the presence of none other than the voice of Guybrush and man of the people Dominic Armato. Or "Dmnkly," as he's known on the street. Enjoy his company before he comes to his senses.


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    AlfredJ on 07 Jun, 2022, 09:18…
    That number of lines is insane. It does kind of make sense with what Gilbert and Grossman have been saying about there being no generic responses for trying items on everything. I imagine giving every possible interaction a unique response will up the count quite a bit. It will also give those of is (including myself) obsessively trying to hear every bit of dialogue quite a lot to do once this comes out.

    Also weirdly really excited about those Monkey 1 cover art pirates finally making an appearance. That's the kind of callback I really like, and actually something I've thought about when I was a kid.
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    LuigiHann on 06 Jun, 2022, 15:37…

    I like all the Stan voices, too. I thought Curse's Stan works quite well with Curse's script and art style, but the same voice felt pretty out of place in the MI1 and MI2 special editions. Tales's Stan does seem like a good compromise. It's also just fun to see Tales in the mix at all.

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