Ron to make "strange little game" 21 Sep, 2005, 20:21 / 3 comments

When we know so little about Ron Gilbert's next game, one might as well make every tiny tidbit related to it seem more substantive than it is. So in that spirit check out Ron Gilbert's latest blog entry:
With any luck the Adventure/RPG game will be funded with private investors, allowing me full control over the strange little game. I'm not opposed to a main-stream publisher funding it, but they would have to understand where I am coming from with the game and allow me to retain the IP, which is unlikely. But you never know. Someone gets a little too drunk, embarrassing photos are taken and bingo, I have a deal.
Keep an eye out on the blog in case of further updates.


  • jp-30 on 21 Sep, 2005, 23:24…
    Udvarnoky, you should totally add this game to the Mojo database - maybe putting Ron's head icon in as the box-art.

    Cause if you don't, I will...
  • counting_pine on 22 Sep, 2005, 22:10…
    Don't forget the 'woot.'
  • monkeyboobs on 22 Sep, 2005, 12:42…