Ron flubs name of Maniac Mansion character 24 Jan, 2013 / 2 comments

Not that it's the only delight to avail yourself of in this new interview with Ron Gilbert slung by Digital Spy as The Cave expands its release today:

"But the thing about it that really started to intrigue me was talking to people who played Maniac Mansion, and it really became clear to me that people had their favorite characters, their dream team for going into the mansion.

They love Bernard, they love Razor, so they just always play with those two characters. I wanted to capture a little bit of that with this.

But to make sure that the characters, unlike some of the characters in Maniac Mansion - like Jack, I mean, who plays Maniac Mansion with Jack... nobody, right? - so it was kind of about making each of the characters very, very different, each of them having a very ,very different ability to allow them to solve puzzles differently from the other characters and everyone having their own story, their own themed areas of the cave.

So I wanted to re-look at that, learning what I'd learned from Maniac Mansion."

Ron no doubt means Jeff when he says "Jack," being that the latter isn't an actual character from the game. Check out the whole interview for quality insight into Ron's design for The Cave.

Source: Digital Spy



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    Call me Squinky on 25 Jan, 2013, 05:44…


    Pretty much my reaction, to said flub:

    Lol the clip isn't the funniest thing ever but in that context it made me laugh xD
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    Melancholick on 24 Jan, 2013, 21:48…
    Pretty much my reaction, to said flub:

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