Ron Gilbert's episodic interviews released 04 Mar, 2008, 01:45 / 1 comment

What looks to bee two new Ron Gilbert interviews have been posted at Joystiq. However it may just be one big interview divided into two episodes in a barely concealed bandwagon-jumping fashion. A DeathSpank episode and a Penny Arcade episode.
How far ahead are you planning DeathSpank in terms of number of episodes? Have you figured it out yet?

We're gonna do a million episodes.

A million?

One million.
Thanks to fco at the Telltale Forums for the heads-up.

Update by Gabez: Kroms electronic-mailed me to point out a further peice of JoyStiq Ron Gilbert good-times reading. In this episode, Ronzo gives a solution to an adventure game puzzle! Hilarity!
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  • Gabez on 04 Mar, 2008, 18:16…
    Haha -- that's a hilarious quote!

    I'm looking forward to DeathSpank already!