Review Full Throttle (1) 15 Jul, 2002, 13:42 / 2 comments

Just a quick note to let you know that gaming news site Shacknews has added Full Throttle to their list of reader-reviewable games. Reading and writing reader reviews is somewhat silly, but its a fun time-passer and sometimes interesting to hear different peoples takes on old (and new) titles. The Shack has some other LEC classics like CMI, EMI, and Sam & Max up for review if you're interested.


  • Marek on 15 Jul, 2002, 13:47…
    See EMI for Jake's definitive EMI review ;)
  • Jake on 15 Jul, 2002, 14:58…
    Those are so trash. Hehe. My sam & max review is the best. I actually converted it into a 100% authentic (*cough*) Mojo feature for my E3 press-authenticication article. That is why I don't write articles for Teh Mooj very often at all. Oh God, the end of the EMI review. Hehehe. ? ?