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Craig Derrick, Exec Producer at LucasFilm Games, has teased that something new might be coming in the Maniac Mansion universe on Twitter.

Given Day of the Tentacle has already been remastered, we're probably talking a remake of Maniac Mansion, or a new 3rd instalment of the series, if there's substance behind the comment.


Source: Craig Derrick's twitter



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    MichaelSon on 24 Sep, 2022, 08:16…
    Don't know.
    As much as I would love to play another MM game, for me this ship has sailed away with DOTT towards Tim Schafer. It's his game now, even if Dave Grossmann was on board.

    I rather would like to play a new ORIGINAL game.

    I mean, c'mon: You got Ron, Dave and David (Fox) there.
    There must be sth you can do together.

    Or bring Steve Purcell back or Pete Chan and do another Zak McKracken, willya? THAT ONE deserves a sequel as well @davidbfox
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    jp-30 on 23 Sep, 2022, 02:15…


    J... P?

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    Remi on 23 Sep, 2022, 01:55…
    J... P?

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