Return to Monkey Island to world premiere on August 23rd 12 Aug, 2022 / 4 comments

Geoff Keighley took to Twitter to announce gamescom will feature a “brand new” look at Return to Monkey Island on August 23rd, 11 am PDT.

What “brand new” means is anyone’s guess, but as Ronzo is involved, it should probably be interesting.

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    Kokos on 15 Aug, 2022, 09:21…
    This is right what you both say. Still if they plan to release for other platforms it could be announced to not worry players not having a Switch or decent PC/Mac. But if this is a any kind of exclusive deal, this rather explain why they don’t announce it.
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    Thrik on 13 Aug, 2022, 13:38…
    I think describing it as a timed exclusive might be overstating the reality. It’s probably more that supporting any additional platform comes at significant cost, so they will likely add more with time — that or delay everything for longer. This is fairly common for non-AAA games.
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    Vainamoinen on 13 Aug, 2022, 12:36…
    Is the timed console exclusive really already confirmed? I thought that was just a hypothesis.

    I'd be pissed really.

    Switch isn't consoles, Steam isn't PC. Release the damn thing on PS4, Xboxwhatevertheircountisthesedays,, this isn't Assassin's Creed, exclusivity makes as much sense here as hypnotizing a piano playing monkey into becoming a wrench by placing a banana on his metronome.

    The question shouldn't be "what platforms", it should be all the platforms, simultaneously. The question should be what physical releases, what voiceover languages, what merchandise.
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    Kokos on 13 Aug, 2022, 07:09…
    Is Switch only a time-exclusive regarding consoles or RTMI is going to hit just that console? I really hope it will get to PS5 eventually, I'd really like to avoid upgrading my 10yo PC just for this game..

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