Return to Monkey Island releases 9 am on Monday. 16 Sep, 2022 / 2 comments

If you live in the one true time zone -- Pacific -- I hope you have taken Monday off: 9 am is when you can be the social misanthrope we already knew you were, and unpack three days of provisions as you fire up ReMI. Hey, we’re in full support of it!

You can check your own time zone to see when your thirty-year wait will be complete and/or follow our countdown.


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    Scott S on 18 Sep, 2022, 16:16…
    17:00. Bit disappointing as I have the day off, but can only play the game for a bit in the evening.
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    AlfredJ on 17 Sep, 2022, 08:34…
    Great, 18:00 for me. Just enough time for me to stuff some food down my throat after work and spend the rest of the evening on this. Can't wait!!!

    Bloody weekend getting in the way.

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