Return to Monkey Island Is One of the Best PC Games Ever 27 Jul, 2023 / 2 comments

If you thought the infatuation wouldn’t last, well... In a sense you were right: It has turned into actual love.

Rock Paper Shotgun has released its top 100 PC games of all time and ReMI proudly occupies #85. Not bad, seeing the game hasn’t even reached a year in age.

AB, Rock Paper Shotgun

The original Monkey Island piratical point 'n' click adventure was, and is, a cultural touchstone for many – including me. What joy, then, to get a new entry in the series by the original creators, starring many of the original cast, as Guybrush looks back on an old adventure? But Return isn't just for nostalgic fans. The 2D art is absolutely gorgeous, the hint system is an unbelievable work of genius, and the story is sweet and relatable without being indulgent. It's the point and click adventure to play if you think you don't like the genre.

Which is a good reminder to download the game for iOS and/or Android.

Other Mojo-related games on there: Tales From The Borderlands hits a deserved #93 and Star Wars: The Knights Of The Old Republic sits on #79. The top 50 will presumably be released soon.



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    Kroms on 31 Jul, 2023, 07:12…


    Part two is out, and with that ReMI is the best Monkey Island

    I just saw this! I'd have credited you otherwise.
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    custard on 28 Jul, 2023, 12:16…

    Part two is out, and with that ReMI is the best Monkey Island

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