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Remember Junaid?

24 Jan, 2018, 02:48 | Posted by: Remi | Source: Cartoon Brew

Sometimes one reads one's RSS feeds, and one is surprised at seeing familiar names. This was the case when a certain "Junaid" popped up over at Cartoon Brew. Correctly deducing there is only one "Junaid" in the world, I decided this is the man you knew not just from Mojo, but also World of Monkey Island. Now he has hit the big time with the animated short, "Short But Sweet".

The movie, described as “a young hero has to embark on an epic quest to save a princess from an evil villain, all within an absurd short amount of time” is pretty delightful, so go watch it over at Cartoon Brew.

Mojo probably should demand royalties for singlehandedly having made our readers arteésts.

What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Call me Squinky | Posted 11 Feb, 2018, 23:10 | Quote
    Hey that was pretty funny - I enjoyed it! Congrats!
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    Comment by: ThunderPeel2001 | Posted 25 Jan, 2018, 21:10 | Quote
    That was great!! Well done Junaid!
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    Comment by: AlfredJ | Posted 25 Jan, 2018, 19:33 | Quote
    Junaid has been doing pretty well actually - they often have animated shorts he worked on before movies in the biggest cinema chain here in the Netherlands. He's as famous as Rodkin at this point.
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    Comment by: Junaid | Posted 25 Jan, 2018, 08:57 | Quote
    Hey I remember me!

    Thanks for posting my film, guys!
    There’s indeed some Monkey Island in there. The bad guy’s lair is based on LeChuck’s torture room (incl the glowing pit) and the bad guy himself is a mix of LeChuck and Zelda’s Ganondorf
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    Comment by: OzzieMonkey | Posted 24 Jan, 2018, 03:20 | Quote
    That was hilarious. I can certainly see the Monkey Island influence. That bit where the green magic bounces off the shields reminded me of the spitting puzzle in LeChuck's dungeon in MI2

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