Remastered X-Wing soundrack is iMusic to our ears 29 Jun, 2018 / 5 comments

Mojo regular Laserschwert has used the original LucasArts X-Wing PC game midi files to create an upgraded score for the work-in-progress X-Wing Virtual Machine project which we first reported on back in late 2016.


Hear Laserschwert's amazing work on his soundcloud page here.

Source: Facebook - x-wingvm



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    Melancholick on 30 Jun, 2018, 19:39…
    Doing the Lord's work. Thanks, LS!
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    Laserschwert on 30 Jun, 2018, 10:37…
    While we're at it, I did the same for TIE Fighter a few years ago:
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    AlfredJ on 30 Jun, 2018, 08:31…
    It's freaking me out how there's suddenly all this classic Lucasarts news in the air again.
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    jp-30 on 29 Jun, 2018, 22:36…


    Two JP updates . . . in a day?!

    That's my quota filled. See you in 2019!
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    Remi on 29 Jun, 2018, 22:10…
    Two JP updates . . . in a day?!

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