ReMI Goes Mobile 06 Jul, 2023 / 1 comment

As expected, Return to Monkey Island is set to release on iOS and Android. On July 27, you can perform yet another act of penance for that copy of The Secret of Monkey Island you pirated by tossing $10 to Apple or Google. Or both. Here’s the trailer.


And speaking of mobile: Mojo has yet again gone social, this time on Threads. That’s right. We’re all about the 'gram. For now. (Email us a Bluesky invite if you want even more of us!)

So, that’s @internationalhouseofmojo for the only social account you’ll ever need. We’ll see if it sticks.


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    OzzieMonkey on 07 Jul, 2023, 04:32…
    Now would be the perfect time to bring back the Special Editions on iOS...and while you're at it, patch all versions with talkie classic mode and SE music (and finish the Melee forest art...and fix Guybrush's hair...maybe just remaster the first 2 games again). Craig Derrick posted his trademark thinking emoji on Twitter in response to getting the whole series on Switch...we can only hope he's working on something, if Crash Bandicoot can get that sort of treatment, so can Monkey Island.

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