Rank the Monkey Island official sites 06 Apr, 2022 / 8 comments

It’s been two days. You’ve all had your fun, and now it’s time to turn to pressing matters.

It’s time to put our feet back on the ground, drop the nonsense, stop forestalling the inevitable and embrace our duty.

It’s time to vote on the best Monkey Island official site.

  • First up you got your basic Curse of Monkey Island official site, all right. Now with this one you get HTML frames, chattering Murrays, and a developer diaries section filled with vintage Dan Pettit anecdotes. An easy choice for those with discerning tastes who also need to stay within a sensible budget.
  • Fancier customers may not be prepared to settle for less than Escape from Monkey Island's official site, a triumph of judicially-appointed UI controls and conservative screen resolution expectations. It is said that if you contemplate its all-encompassing blueness with deep enough concentration, you can actually start to levitate. And, ladies: it's said to be single.
  • And then there’s the newest contender of the pageant, an oven-fresh splash screen for Return to Monkey Island organically sourced and tailor-fit for the modern sensibility. Sleek. Elegant. Purple. These are but a few of the elements lifted shamelessly from Mixnmojo, but we admire anyone with the good sense to steal from the best.

There you have it. To which does your heart belong? Cast your vote in the comments, or declare loudly to Lucasfilm through indifference that they were wrong to revive this series. Whichever expresses your feelings best.


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    Jake on 07 Apr, 2022, 14:24…
    Return is clearly the best, but the real winner will always be the Curse website, for all the reasons said below.
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    Thrik on 07 Apr, 2022, 13:53…
    It has to be CMI for me. Not only is it just the best game, but it is the quintessential example of a 90s website. I think it was Benny who said once that it’s nigh indistinguishable from the fan sites of the era.

    For me it evokes memories of the Monkey Island Web Ring, Microsoft Front Page, and my earliest forays into the world of making websites which funds my Monkey Island habits all these years later.

    What a website. What a game.
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    Rum Rogers on 07 Apr, 2022, 10:20…
    Obviously the CMI and EMI websites trigger more nostalgia of a different era and stage of our own lives, simply because they're much older and we were all kids. However my vote goes to the RMI website, because:

    1) I love what they did with Mêlée
    2) I love what they did with svg path effects and the parallax effects and css animation transitions
    3) I love that they brought back the firecamp smoke animation that was sadly cut from Monkey 1
    4) I love what they did
    5) I freaking love what they did

    All good reasons which explain why I'm right.
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    Goury1 on 07 Apr, 2022, 06:49…
    I didn't really likr the last segment of EFMI due to stange plot twists and retcons (Herman Toothroot beging Elaine's grandfather, and the whole giant monkey robot business). With that said, I have a strong sentiment for the EFMI website. so it's a tough choice for me between the EFMI and RTMI websistes.
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    kaysayva on 07 Apr, 2022, 03:04…
    you are the one with the insinuation diploma, aren't you?
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    bgbennyboy on 06 Apr, 2022, 22:37…
    Its hard to top the CMI one, its so perfectly of its time. The animated gifs, the frames, the strong chance it was made in Frontpage express.
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    Kroms on 06 Apr, 2022, 22:33…
    The diaries on that CMI site bring back an old and uncaring internet. And to think a company like LucasArts opted for Comic Sans?

    So, that.
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    Remi on 06 Apr, 2022, 22:24…
    This is an easy decision: The ReMI page is way too fancy; CMI relies too much on alleged Brazilian Mojo hacker, Dan Pettit. So, EMI it is, if only for that naughty embossed PC logo.

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