Quick and Easy releases Dinky Explorer, instantly regrets not calling it Grumpy Explorer 07 Nov, 2022 / 0 comments

You saw it coming—possibly because you were using the pre-release version—and now it has landed: Quick and Easy’s Dinky Explorer. Meaning, Return to Monkey Island-hacking has arrived at your fingertips. Benzo says:

A huge amount of work has gone into supporting Return to Monkey Island and very little of it was by me. The wonderful Jan Frederick has restored my faith in open source, contributing tons of code to ensure that all file types in ReMI can be heard, viewed, decoded and dumped. He’s even added the ability to edit the functions within the main weird.dink script and create patches that others can then use.

Getting other people to do the work for you: It’s a page out of Thrik’s playbook. Now go find the secrets hidden within ReMI’s source files.


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