Pull the lever for Ghost Pirates on Steam. Or be a jerk. 28 Feb, 2013 / 1 comment

Maybe we should have noticed this before, but this past Halloween, dtp entertainment proposed Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island on Steam Greenlight, the facility where publishers encourage Valve to consider their game for inclusion on Steam by attracting sufficient community support.

The absence of Autumn Moon's two games from Steam is glaring, considering they're available from every other digital outlet known to man. Bill revealed that the games failed to pass Valve's quality standards; this baffles me, as A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates are way more polished than some games you can find on Steam. At any rate, the engine changes that would have been required to satisfy the gatekeepers rendered the pursuit non-viable for Bill.

So if you have a Steam account visit this page and click the "Yes" button. The worst that will happen is nothing. Bill once speculated that Ghost Pirates was a break even game for dtp, so they haven't exactly been pounding down his door for him to deliver the planned sequel, but if it didn't lose money, perhaps every additional sale or show of support will prevent the candle of hope from being snuffed out.

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    Call me Squinky on 01 Mar, 2013, 20:39…
    yeah I played a little of the start - similarly to AVS, didn't really gel with me. But I still greenlit it, because it's a Tiller game (thusly as a high-quality, recentish adventure with awesome backgrounds, why is it not already on Steam? cos there are a lot of smaller indie adventures in a similar vein, which don't have the benefit of a big name like Tiller, tho that alone in no way takes away from their potential worth). Also, I guess it had a fanbase, here and elsewhere. Though I'm guessing some Mojo-ites might not have picked it up right away. Anyone care to comment on whether it was good (if you played it) or why you didn't pick it up, if you didn't?

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