Psst... want a Monkey Island poster? 02 Feb, 2009, 14:49 / 4 comments

Didn't manage to nab one of those cool Maniac Mansion posters Star Wars Shop was selling recently? Would you instead like to pick and choose your poster from some of the best cover art to ever grace computer games (and the best games too)? Steve Purcell, William Eakin, Drew Struzan?

Well, intrepid community member extraordinaire Laserschwert has been busy creating a line of dreams downloadable posters to allow you to do just that.

Check it out right now, and weep openly. Is it too late for a calendar?


  • Sp0tted on 03 Feb, 2009, 01:17…
    I can make posters of all of these.

  • Jayel on 03 Feb, 2009, 00:05…
    fuck that's awesome
  • Kroms on 02 Feb, 2009, 19:40…
    So freaking cool. I downloaded them all. Day of the Tentacle, you are my new
  • Kroms on 02 Feb, 2009, 19:43…
    ... ¬¬

    *Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, Monkey Island, I shall cover my walls with ye, and be bathed in, I am king.