Pilfer your penny loafers 29 Dec, 2011 / 5 comments

Because for the rest of this week, Insecticide Part 1 (remember, Part 2 was canceled) is on sale for nineteen cents from GamersGate.



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    Huz on 29 Dec, 2011, 17:02…
    That's 12p on the UK edition of Gamersgate.

    Full price: 49p.
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    Giygas on 29 Dec, 2011, 15:28…


    List price: $0.74

    When did that happen?
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    jp-30 on 29 Dec, 2011, 05:35…
    Get back to me if it drops under 15c.
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    Ascovel on 29 Dec, 2011, 03:17…
    That was probably my favorite adventure game of 2008. Highly underrated and highly recommended, especially for that price.
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    Shmargin on 29 Dec, 2011, 03:08…
    I have that game...

    That seems a little steep.

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