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It's a funny thing. The Disney buyout seems to have served, in part, to remind people of all the great games LucasArts once made, leading them to wonder why in the hell they're being kept in cold storage. The remarks by Disney about a potential focus on mobile platforms in particular has fueled the question: why not bring the oldies to handheld devices?

You take this guy over at Android Apps, who searches for logic in the dearth of PC games, modern and legacy, on his favorite gadget, and comes up short:

I look at games like Deponia and a new Edna & Harvey episode, point-and-click adventure games built like the old LucasArts SCUMM games from the '90s, and wonder how it's possible they aren't available on my tablet.


And then there are the archives. is a great place to find old games, but can you imagine them having a mobile marketplace? Older titles like Fallout, Syberia and Syndicate would probably kill on mobile.

And what about this suggestion by Pocket Gamer of ten LucasArts classics to find a home on iOS and Android? The list, which represents the space opera only with Super Star Wars, reads like a roll call of beloved LEC originals.

It almost seems like there's this indeterminately sized society of weirdos that loves those old games and would like to see them given the modest respect of a place in the digital space. It's too bad this admittedly profane cult of individuals can't happen to include the people who actually have the power to make it happen.

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    Gov. Phatt on 14 Nov, 2012, 13:31…
    My guess is that Disney brass probably doesn't know or care about LucasArts games from 20 years ago, and will probably focus on making new Star Wars mobile games that are more consistent with other popular mobile games, ie Star Wars Angry Birds.

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