Pay What You Want for Ron Gilbert's Humongous Games 14 Apr, 2019 / 2 comments

Humble Bundle, the pay what you want/some money goes to charity bundle maker, are currently selling every Humongous Games release in a single bundle.

If you fancy seeing what Ron Gilbert (and sometimes Dave Grossman) got up to in the 1990s after they left LucasArts, get the Humongous Entertainment Humble Bundle.

Thanks to reader Call me Squinky for alerting us to this.


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    ThunderPeel2001 on 15 Apr, 2019, 20:12…
    Oops. I was tired!
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    Kroms on 15 Apr, 2019, 09:11…
    Rob Gilbert!

    (Also, I'll have you know I tried alerting Mojo on Twitter.)

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