POTC 4 Script Leaked 27 Nov, 2009, 19:29 / 10 comments

When I was four I lived in America for a year, before returning to England. My stay in America included a trip to Disney World and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I was so inspired that I wrote a short story about it a few years later (I was about six), only I changed some of the details of the original.

"Why just the pirates of the Caribbean?" I thought. "Much more impressive to make it the Pirates of America."

"And why should the pirates be the heroes? Much better to follow the good guys, the English" (I was quite racist when I was younger).

The result stands before us:

The script appears to be written in Anglo-Saxon. A transcription runs thus:

The Sowders of Einlad.

One day there wher sum solders they wher cold The Solders of Enlad. the names wher Jon Chip Dog Willf and Tim Tom Gabriel and Mark. they wher goto have a whor an gets the pirats of ameraker. the solders had milians and farsns of dums gold and hudruds of siver quawts cups neckdiees brawtes.

chapeh two on the solders of Enlud. bay two they are haveing the wher hoo will win!


we won the wor we won! the wor

On the back is taped the top of a cardboard shoebox, and the following words, written in the same handwriting:

Try a different nickname

(Im) I (neeld) need a short top
you - type a name with:
  • 8 characters or less
    letters or numbers
    No spaces or punctuation

The meaning of the last part is lost to me now.


  • The Tingler on 18 Dec, 2009, 13:37…
    That 'we won the war!' bit reminds me of the Worm Song!

    And I particularly liked how you wrote it in Old English!
  • Scummbuddy on 05 Dec, 2009, 20:07…
    I'm pretty sure that along the side of the script is a dragon flying above a castle, in what I can only see fitting as concept art for the movie poster/DVD cover.
  • jp-30 on 01 Dec, 2009, 02:22…
    "hey wher goto have a whor"

    A bit racy for a 6 year old's story. no?
  • Capn_Nacho on 29 Nov, 2009, 02:06…
    This is incredibly profound.
  • clone2727 on 29 Nov, 2009, 01:28…
    Is that really young Gabez?
  • neon_git on 28 Nov, 2009, 08:08…
    This is Gabez should be the only person allowed to post on behind mojo. Blows that Under Schafer bullshit out the water.
  • SurplusGamer on 09 Dec, 2009, 16:52…
    You really need to... not do that.
  • Kroms on 28 Nov, 2009, 08:59…

    You just shot the messenger.
  • Icebox on 03 Dec, 2009, 04:29…
    Hey, man, I LIKED under Schafer.
  • Giygas on 27 Nov, 2009, 22:31…
    Someday I hope I'm as awesome as you. ;-;