PC/DS versions of Insecticide to be significantly different? 26 Jul, 2007, 20:25 / 0 comments

In what is totally not just another excuse for me to point out another Insecticide preview from pseudo-E3, I noticed that Destructoid wrote something intriguing at the end of their impressions. They say that the PC version will have a "new story line," separate from the DS version.

This forces one to question just how different the two versions will be. Seeing as the DS version will feature an exclusive multiplayer mode, and is, let's face it, an unlikely system to port a PC game to (especially when it's the only one), one might surmise that the two releases of Insecticide will be rather different beasts in more than just graphical capability. It will certainly be interesting to hear more details on the PC version, due out in early 2008, to see if there's any truth to this theory.

Anyway, be sure to read the full article while you're here. The author wasn't very enthused by what he saw as he was expecting an action game and got something more akin to an adventure, but that revelation is likely to have the opposite effect on you.